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Podcast Editing and Management

I customize my services to best suit your needs. These are basic services that cover most people and are a great place to get started.

Podcast Edit and Social Media

I take your podcast and edit it to reduce background noice, level the volume, remove long pauses, mistakes, extra uhms, and false starts; crossfade and duck background music, intros, outros, teasers, and commercials; add ID3 Tags to your podcast (these help your podcast be found in search); and upload your podcast in the desired format to either a drive for you to host or directly to a host like Libsyn, Buzzsprout, or Captivate.

I also create an audiogram and 2 graphics for your show promotional use.

Social Media Management

If you have a podcast and only need help with social media I can help make those social media graphics in an assortment of sizes. No matter what your drop schedule I can make a post letting people what your next show is going to be about to build audience anticipation. I can make a post for your podcast that is shared at the same time your podcast drops “Now available!”, this includes an audiogram with a clip from the podcast, and a link to you website so your audience can listen to your podcast. Lastly, is a post after your podcast has dropped to remind late listeners and build audience engagement. And I can even help you schedule these posts so all you have to worry about is interacting with your followers.

Cover Art Graphics

I help you get your podcast cover art that attracts and invites your target audience to listen and episode art that excites your subscribers. This can be individual art made every episode. Or this can be a template set up in Canva and a walk through of how-to use it so you can personalize each episode. Social media graphics can be designed to match your brand to cover all platforms that you are on. Need help with (re)branding? I can help create a basic branding board flyer that includes logo, color palette, and typography suggestions.

Podcast Audit

Coming soon, I will be able to help podcasters ‘audit’ their podcasts and social media pages to see where they need the most help to get a larger audience.

Basic Rates

I know your curious, I get this question all the time! But let me tell you a little bit about how I work before you just look at my rates and go “oh, okay”. Like you, I don’t like to worry about the next payment so monthly payments work out best. If you like to pay quarterly, that’s fine too. These are base rates. If you want more work than the price goes up. At this time I accept PayPal (from everyone worldwide) and Bank Check (from US citizens only, the check must clear the bank before final services will be delivered). All services are pre-paid.

$30/15 min episode

$50/30 min episode

$100/60 min episode

$150/90 min episode


Do you just need help? But are not really sure where to start. Take my discovery survey, it will give me an idea of where you need help and we can go from there. If you are more of a talker, we can schedule a zoom chat and I can get an idea of where to help you while we chat.

I didn’t have to sit there for hours taking out all the bits and pieces that I didn’t like and make sure the audio and sound levels were good. Just being able to turn it on, have a listen and say ‘Wow, that is good!’ right off the bat.

It was so awesome and freed up so much time.

Teresa Abram, A Most Unusual T Party

What I’ve Worked On, Because I know You’re Curious

How I Took That Photo is the podcast that I started because I wanted a photography podcast that was 5-10 minutes that focuses on how the photo was taken. This podcast does not focus on the photographer, it’s all about going behind the photo. Currently I am recording, editing, and doing social media.

In the Doin’ Girly Things Podcast Megan Switzer is breaking down the barriers in the construction, engineering, and trades fields and making them all girly thing to do! Twice a month she talks to women who are helping to not just break down these barriers but support other women them as well. Currently I am editing and transcribing this podcast. You can listen on Apple, Spotify, or her website.

The Women in Podcasting Show is the podcast hosted by Jennifer Henczel, her show invites us to support women in finding their voice and sharing their passion. Currently I am editing. Hear her amazing podcast wherever you listen to podcasts or her website.

Talking Shop with Mike Skiff is the podcast for local business success serving the Tacoma, Washington and 253 area. I am making audiograms. See the audiograms at his Instagram, or the Be Local Tacoma Instagram Page, and hear his amazing podcast wherever you listen to podcasts or his website.

A Most Unusual T Party is the Podcast hosted by Teresa Abram, handwriting expert and graphologist. Currently I am editing and making audiograms. See the audiograms at her Instagram, and hear her amazing podcast wherever you listen to podcasts or her website.

Most PTA’s have social media sites to help the flow of information between people and the one at Ridgecrest Elementary School is no different, especially this year. I assist with the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, helping with graphics and occasionally copy.

Favorite Podcasts, Because I Started as a Fangirl

My Favorite Podcasts,

In Alphabetical Order,

With Links For Easy Listening


A Most Unusual T Party


Anderson Cooper 360 AC360

BBC Global News Podcast

Daily Quote-Parcast
par cast.com/dailyquote

Dumbing it Down with Dave

Feel Good Social

KOMO News This Week

New Media Show

News du Jour

Overheard at NatGeo

Photo Active

Podcasters Roundtable

rachel corbett.com.au/blog/podschool-podcast/

Powerhouse Politics

Rossifari Podcast

School of Podcasting

Social Media and Politics

Start Here

Tommy Didario’s #Let’s Stay Together

The Birdy Bunch Podcast

The Cut

The Daily
by The New York Times

The Feed
the feed.lisyn.com

The Podcast Manager Show
lauren wrighton.com/podcast

The Wild

World News Tonight

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