Social Media

Social media marketing may seem like you need to know a lot about numbers, metrics, and analytics. Although those are important to see how your post or ad is being received, following the trends to see what people are into is just, if not more important. A great ad or post in an out of date style will not be received well and your numbers will prove that. It also helps to know who your target market is. Most of my target market for my Etsy shop moms/new moms ages 25-45. The target market for the Ridgecrest PTA is people who have kids/grandkids in Ridgecrest Elementary School or its alumni, and sometimes the surrounding community.

Another thing about social media marketing is posting consistently. If your followers know that you post every single morning, then they will begin to look for your post every single morning.

If you are a page that doesn’t post consistently then making sure you get something into stories (popular on Facebook and Instagram) is key, these can be old content that may still be relevant, sharing others work, or uplifting quotes. This helps to keep your audience engaged.

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