Podcast Editor/Management

I help time pressed podcasters collect more stories and recording material but hate the mundane backend production. I help them reclaim the time to focus on the parts of the job they love. Freeing podcasters to be their creative, story chasing, fantastic selves. Take my online discovery survey, set up an online Zoom meeting, or email me CaseysConcoctions@gmail.com to see how I can best help you.


Find out how I help podcasters get more stories and recording material. Also find out a couple of my favorite podcasts.


Hobbyest photography has lead to an overwhelm of photographs, these are the best. Some have been published in magazines and placed in exibitions around the world.

Social Media

Designing audio and non-audio graphics that align with your brand to promote your podcast, blog, and story. Developing a marketing strategy to advertising I can help you with your needs.

Casey was super easy to work with and made it really easy and good.

Teresa Abram, A Most Unusual T Party


Casey Broda is an audio editor, podcast manager, cover art and graphic designer, and social media manager based in the North Seattle Suburb of Shoreline, Washington, USA.

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